When I was in Sydney…

So I had my first ever interstate travel experience recently! (I’m not going to count the time that I was in Echuca with some friends and we drove across the Murray River just for the heck of it and did a U-turn a few metres up the road and came back again) So I was pretty darn excited to visit Australia’s most populated city and I couldn’t wait to see the sights and of course sample the food!


 Sydney Opera House


Sydney Harbour Bridge


 Spotted this little guy near the Grand Archway at the Jenolan Caves


The 9 metre tall ‘Angel’s Wing’ shawl in the Temple of Baal cave


The name of this cave (Temple of Baal) was inspired by limestone formations which reminded early cave explorers of the Biblical story of ‘Elijah and the Prophets of Baal’


Interesting fact: this cave is often used as a wedding venue! To each their own I guess.


The Three Sisters

(an unusual rock formation representing three sisters who according to Aboriginal legend were turned to stone)


Pyrmont Bridge


One of many Australian white ibis that I encountered. I think I prefer these birds as opposed to the pigeons we have in Melbourne


 Darling Harbour


Bondi Beach


Chinatown Night Market


Dragon Beard Candy was the real reason why I wanted to go to the Night Market


A little bit of history about Dragon Beard Candy:

Dragon Beard Candy is a traditional sweet originating from the ancient Chinese palace. In the past, only the emperor had the opportunity to taste it. It was only after 1911 when the Chinese Dynasty collapsed that ordinary people were able to taste Dragon Beard Candy.

The main ingredient of Dragon Beard Candy is corn syrup. This sugar is stretched by hand into an abundance of thin silky threads. These threads are then used to wrap the special filling which is made up of shredded coconut, roasted peanuts and sesame seeds.

I liked how it was all made fresh on the spot. (Although this also meant that there was a bit of a wait before I could get my hands on any Dragon Beard Candy) It must be a tedious process for the staff who make these but the results are absolutely delicious. The texture is similar to that of fairy floss except you are able to feel the texture of the threads before it all melts wonderfully in your mouth. I forgot to take a photo of the Dragon Beard Candy that I ordered as I pretty much ate it straightaway, but they essentially look like soft white cocoons.

More Sydney food reviews to come!

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