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Heroes Burger Diner


All Star Burger

(beef patty, cheese, bacon, egg, house BBQ sauce, sweet onion, tomato relish, American mustard, tomato sauce, added beetroot, house baked brioche bun)

Heavy and overpoweringly sweet.



HFC Burger

(crispy fried chicken, tasty cheese, coleslaw, jalapeños, chipotle sauce, house baked brioche bun)

Also a heavy burger, but at least I could taste all the ingredients in this one.



Curly Fries

Dry and ordinary.



Salted Caramel Milkshake



The decor here is awesome. Colourful comic strips line the walls and toy figures of heroes and villains are peppered throughout the diner. Service was quick and the food was well priced but ordinary. The burgers we sampled were overloaded with sauces which quickly led to soggy burgers. We also left the place smelling strongly like the grill (Korean BBQ style) so I think that the ventilation here could be improved.


Heroes Burger Diner

Shop 14/6 Fordholm Rd, Hampton Park, VIC

(03) 8768 8868

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Grill Me

357a Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield 9533 0550



Spicy Melbourne burger

(grilled lean beef patty, havarti cheese, roasted peppers, dill pickles, lettuce, red onion, peri peri aioli)

served with chips, herb aioli and peri peri aioli

= Not bad


Chicken Delight burger

(grilled marinated chicken breast fillet, crispy bacon, havarti cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, herb aioli)

served with chips, herb aioli and peri peri aioli

= Good



Great value for money as the burgers here are enormous. The thick beef patty was well cooked however was lacking in flavor, while the chicken fillet was deliciously juicy and tender. The chips were crunchy and well seasoned, and you can’t really go wrong serving aioli with chips. A nice burger place but nothing outstanding.


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Mr Burger

364 Chapel Street, South Yarra



Mr Burger

(beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mustard, mayonnaise and tomato sauce)


Big juicy mouthwatering burgers that really hit the spot. The beef patty was cooked to perfection, the tangy pickle balanced out the sweetness of the brioche bun, and with every bite delicious melted cheese would escape from the burger. The menu here is simple with only 3 burgers on offer (Mr Burger, Mr Meat and Mr Veg), as well as chips (seasoned with chicken salt, soft and fluffy on the inside, golden and crispy on the outside) and drinks.


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Tuck Shop Take Away

273 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield North 0431 406 580



Redskin and Salted Caramel milkshake


Nutella milkshake


Minor burger


The Cuts


Pulled Pork jaffle


Dessert jaffle


Milkshakes – absolutely amazing! If only I had enough stomach space, I would have tried all of their flavours. Made with house syrups, the milkshakes are served in a mini-milk bottle with stripy paper straws. The redskin flavour tasted exactly like redskins, the salted caramel flavour had the perfect balance between salty and sweet, and the nutella flavour tasted like Ferrero Rocher = Excellent

Minor burger – beef patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion, pickles and Tuckshop sauce (tomato sauce/mayo/mustard combination) in between a grilled linseed brioche bun. Unfortunately the beef patties here are a lot smaller than the bun so that two thirds into my burger, I only had bun and lettuce left. What I also noticed was that the homemade Tuckshop sauce reminded me of the sauce you get on a Big Mac = Not Bad

The Cuts – hand cut chips! How many places are even doing this these days? Crunchy with an earthy flavour, these chips were definitely something different = Not bad

Pulled Pork jaffle – juicy pulled pork with a tasty smoked cheddar béchamel = Good

Dessert jaffle – banana, liquid cheesecake and salted caramel jaffle = Excellent



A small takeaway shop located on the corner of Hawthorn and Glen Eira Road, this place can only seat about 10 people so grabbing takeaway is a good idea. The menu is also quite small, and the decor is simple and quirky. I have to mention that the service from the guy owner of this place is extraordinary. He is super friendly and also very observant in making sure that his customers are happy with their food. (For example when our order was given to us without our chips, he overheard us question to each other whether or not we had forgotten to order them and straightaway went to check our order for us and brought us our chips, all before we even had to ask anyone). The stand outs for me were no doubt the marvellous milkshakes and the desserts. Apart from the dessert jaffle, they also have a variety of other homemade desserts such as redskin brownies, chocolate chip cookies and toffee apple crumble. I am definitely coming back again to try all of these! Note that the close at 8pm on Monday to Thursday, 9pm on Friday and Saturday, and are not open on Sunday.


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Phat Brats

320 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 9419 5526



Chilli fries with cheese sauce


Raw slaw


Wagyu beef and black pepper


Superfood dog


Cheesy smoked kransky


Chilli dog


Fries – fantastically fiery! Will leave your mouth burning afterwards but is totally worth it! The way that the fries are seasoned, they taste almost like wedges. They come with sour cream, house chilli sauce, jalapeños and either spicy ground beef or beans (we decided to get the beef and it was very tasty) = Excellent

Raw slaw – cool crunchy coleslaw that went well with the fries (cool vs hot) = Not bad

Wagyu beef and black pepper – wagyu beef and black pepper sausage with house gravy, raw slaw, shallots and horseradish cream. Good quality sausage, strong horseradish taste = Good

Superfood dog – sweet potato, quinoa and tamarind ‘sausage’ with chilli lime mayo, minted peas, alfalfa, coriander and sour cream. They are generous with the alfalfa and the minted peas, but not so much with the vegetarian sausage = Not bad

Cheesy smoked kransky – cheesy smoked kransky sausage with german potato salad, dill pickles and mild mustard. Delicious cheesy sausage, great mix of flavours = Good

Chilli dog – wagyu beef sausage with spicy ground beef, house chilli sauce, cheese sauce and spring onion. This hot dog tasted like the chilli fries, minus the fries = Good



I was absolutely devastated when I found out that their dessert hotdog was no longer on the menu. I had heard that this amazing creation was a donut bun with double chocolate ice cream ‘sausage’, berry coulis, toasted coconut, crushed pistachio nuts and whipped cream. Devastated.

Nevertheless the hot dogs that they do have on their are pretty fantastic, as are their fries (I must go back and try all their other fries). There are 3 choices of hot dog buns on offer: gluten free, wholemeal and seeded. Unfortunately the size of the hotdogs are a bit small, so eating one hot dog alone may not fill you up. That being said, this is absolutely one of the best hot dog places in Melbourne.


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