Cassava crackers with sambal

You can’t go wrong with fresh complimentary crackers.



Eggplant with Homemade Sambal



Ayam Merah Nonya

(red curry chicken with kaffir lime leaves)

Mildly spicy, tender chicken.



Pad Thai

(rice noodles with chicken, prawns, bean shoots and peanuts)

The tastiest Pad Thai I’ve had in a while. The noodles were cooked perfectly and unlike many other places, the dish wasn’t laden with sugar.



Duo Seafood

(scallops and prawns with palm sugar and chilli)

From the menu description I thought this dish would predominantly comprise of scallops and prawns, not vegetables.



Twice-cooked Black Pepper Duck with Champignon

 Cooking the duck twice removed it from all its flavour, while the sauce had a disagreeable liver taste to it.



Apart from the Pad Thai, the food was unremarkable. The staff however were very attentive as our dishes were taken away as soon as we were done with them and our water glasses were constantly being refilled (I don’t think my glass ever reached half empty). Note that this place is in the Entertainment Book.


159 Camberwell Rd, Hawthorn East, VIC

(03) 9813 1623

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Taste of Singapore

162 Clayton Rd, Clayton 9544 7865


IMG_0254Chicken Murtabak

Fried roti canai filled with minced chicken, eggs and onions, served with a curry sauce 

= Good

IMG_0248Mee Goreng

Tasted like bolognaise with bean sprouts added instead of Mee Goreng

= Not bad


Chicken Hor Fun

Not enough noodles, the egg gravy lacked egg, this dish simply didn’t taste quite right



 Beef with Yellow rice

Wasn’t the biggest fan of the beef to rice ratio however the beef was tasty, tender and could be easily pulled apart

=Not bad



A small family-owned eatery that is extremely casual (eg. the staff here served us our food with one hand and held a baby in the other). The service is great, the menu items are limited (note that they only serve satay on weekends) and the prices are cheap. It was a nice experience but I think I’ll stick to India Delights. 


Taste of Singapore @ Ida & Abas Kitchen on Urbanspoon