119 Hardware St, Melbourne 9973 8425



Korean Sliders

Sweet brioche bun served with short rib patties, Korean slaw, ssamjang mayo and crispy onion rings

= Excellent


Beef Taco

Marinated beef, tomato salsa, kimchi and Korean slaw

= Not bad


Kimchi Fries

Crispy fries topped with cheese, kimchi sauce, onion relish and sour cream

These fries were so addictive. Who knew Kimchi and fries went so well together?

= Good


Koba Fried Chicken Wings (Soy Garlic)

Not so crispy but well flavoured juicy chicken wings, with a sprinkling of quinoa for added texture

= Good


Spicy Pork Korrito

Sweet marinated pork, kimchi rice, melted cheese, tomato salsa and kimchi

= Good



Incredibly tasty Korean-Mexican fusion! Service was quick and the staff were very helpful and friendly. Note that there is limited seating here (as this place is tiny) so grabbing takeaway is a good idea.


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Fat Bob’s Bar & Grill

80 Cochranes Rd, Moorabbin 95550909



Hummer burger (180g grass-fed beef pattie, tomato, jalapeño, spanish onion, cucumber, tasty cheese and Fat Bob’s “Hummer” spicy mayo) with fries and tomato relish

Jackie O burger (180g grass-fed beef pattie, tomato, spanish onion, fontina cheese, cos lettuce, mustard, tomato sauce and Fat Bob’s special sauce)


Popcorn chicken with sweet chilli mayo



Fat Bob’s had been on my places to eat list for awhile and I was very excited to finally get my hands on one of their burgers. The verdict? Solid burgers that will satisfy any burger craving. Although the beef patties were bland, it didn’t matter as the other ingredients (especially the tasty sauces) made up for this lack of flavour. I fancied the Jackie O burger more so than the Hummer burger as the ingredients in the Hummer burger reminded me of the ingredients you get in a Subway sandwich. Similar to the beef patties I found the popcorn chicken and the chips to also be bland, requiring the sauces to provide flavour. Service was friendly (note that you place your order at the counter) and the decor was perfect for a burger joint (plenty of signs, posters and glowing neon lights). Definitely give this place a go if you are in the area and have a hankering for a good burger.


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789 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn 9818 3881



Salted Caramel shake & Malted Vanilla shake


Frenchy burger, The Hum burger, Parmesan & Truffle oil fries


Salted caramel shake – essentially liquid caramel with a hint of salt, very sweet = Not bad

Malted Vanilla shake – strong malt flavour, also very sweet = Not bad

Frenchy burger – beef, crispy potato rosti, bearnaise, chunky garden mayo and cornichon = Not bad

The Hum burger – beef, cheddar, pickles, mustard, mayo and tomato sauce. Tasted similar to a McDonald’s cheeseburger = Not bad

Fries – the parmesan gets more and more intense as these thick crunchy chips cool down = Not bad



Humburger is a ho-hum burger sort of place. The food was average and so was the service. The brioche buns were quite greasy and I found the burgers here to be a bit small compared to other burger places. Note that they no longer sell their ‘Hum Balls’ and that this place is cash only.


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The Beaufort

421 Rathdowne St, Carlton 9347 8171



Deep fried pickles with ranch sauce


Country fried chicken


The Beaufort Butt sandwich


The Out-N-Out burger


French dip roll


Deep fried pickles – crispy batter, tangy pickles, tasty ranch sauce = Not bad

Country fried chicken – super crispy chicken served with pico de gallo and a bowl of shoestring fries = Good

The Beaufort Butt sandwich – juicy pulled pork, kimchi, sririacha sauce, lemon and ginger aioli in a soft white roll, served with shoestring fries = Good

The Out-N-Out burger – meat, cheese, french mustard, ketchup, tomato and spanish onion in a soft white bun, served with shoestring fries = Not bad

French dip roll – slow roast beef in a french roll with sauteed onions and hot English mustard. This dish came with some onion dipping gravy and shoestring fries. I now feel that all rolls should come with some dipping gravy. They just make the roll extra delicious! = Good



Good food, average service, poor dining atmosphere (it was so dark that we couldn’t see our menus or even our food without using the light from our phones).


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