Wooga Korean Restaurant

270 Victoria St, North Melbourne 9328 1221



Top grade beef rib


Spicy kimchi and pork soup


Seafood pancake



We ordered the Combo A set menu ($39 pp) which included:

  • Top grade beef rib (I found this to be extremely tough and chewy)
  • Top side with salt and pepper (tender and delicious)
  • Beef brisket (just okay)
  • Bean paste soup (which we swapped for kimchi and pork soup, which turned out to be good)
  • Rice (2 bowls)

Seafood pancake – contained lots of egg and not that much seafood, so was just an average pancake. HOWEVER the dipping sauce that comes with it is fantastic! = Not bad



Among the multiple Korean BBQ restaurants along Victoria St, I found this one to be so-so. The food overall was average with nothing standing out (apart from the seafood pancake dipping sauce, which I’m not going to count). I found the portions to the Combo A set menu to be on the small side, so unless you eat very little, this set menu will not fill you up. Service to this place was standard with the waiter coming around every now and again to turn our meat on the BBQ. What I did like about this place was that they used good exhaust chutes for each table which made the place less smokey compared to other Korean BBQ places. Having said that there is still no escaping the strong BBQ smell that seeps into your hair and your clothes, that lingers with you once you leave this place.


Wooga Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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