The Last Piece

7/2 Stadium Circuit, Mulgrave 9545 3040


Spiced school prawns with saffron aioli


Chunky chips with aioli


Hunter & collectors pizza – tomato, roasted chicken, peppers, flor di latte, olives and mushroom


I like italian sausage pizza – tomato, fior di latte, pork & fennel salsiccia, broccollini, cherry tomato and oregano


Penne grande with pork & fennel sausage, broccolini, cherry tomatoes, fresh chilli and white wine


Chocolate fondant with salted caramel ice cream


Flourless orange cake with blood orange sorbet


Spanish doughnuts with vanilla custard and nutella


Prawns – the batter was unfortunately too hard and was difficult to cut, but the saffron aioli was nice = Not bad

Chips – regular chunky chips = Not bad

Hunters and collectors/I like italian sausage pizza – freshly made thin pizza bases with a decent amount of topping = Not bad

Penne – pasta was a bit undercooked = Not bad

Chocolate fondant – dense and tasted quite eggy, while the salted caramel ice cream was overly salty = Not bad

Orange cake – extremely moist and left a distinct orange peel aftertaste, while the sorbet was sweet and citrusy (tasted just like blood orange soft drink)  = Not bad

Spanish doughnuts – are a different shape and are slightly more dense than regular doughnuts, but otherwise taste pretty much the same = Not bad



An average pizza and pasta place located in a newly developed residential area that happens to overlook Waverley Park oval (where the Hawthorn football club train). Service was good (although our waitress wanted to clear our plates time and time again before we had even finished eating), and the atmosphere was friendly and relaxed.


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