The Town Mouse

312 Drummond St, Carlton 9347 3312


Goat’s cheese profiterole, caraway, thyme & honey


Crisp beef cheek, whipped white soy cream, black garlic, parsnip & yuzu


Slow roast red cabbage, prune, parmesan & red apple


Duck breast, caramelised yoghurt, sprouted wheat, elk leaves & wild mushrooms


Profiteroles – creamy goat’s cheese encased in crisp pastry accompanied by the sharp taste of caraway and thyme. Regrettably, these were served cold = Not bad

Beef cheek – a combination of exotic ingredients that unfortunately resulted in an okay but unmemorable dish = Not bad

Red cabbage – who knew that you could serve cabbage this way? The sweetness of the cabbage, prunes and apples together with the saltiness of the parmasean resulted in a unique cabbage dish = Good

Duck breast – the duck was a bit chewy but everything else on the plate was delicious. The sprouted wheat provided an interesting texture = Good


The menu is small (with everything fitting onto one page) but the ingredients that the chefs use are interesting and adventurous. The food here tastes fresh and is beautifully presented, while the service is good but can be a bit slow at times. The place itself is quite small with all of the seating being bar stools, and the decor feels cool and modern with its shiny black tiles and low hanging lights.

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