Drugstore Espresso

194 Toorak Road, South Yarra 9827 5058



Corn fritter stack


Brioche french toast


The Somerset burger


Drugstore’s full prescription


Corn fritter stack – enjoyable fritters packed with plenty of sweet corn kernels served with diced avocado, fresh salsa, smoked salmon, a poached egg and wild roquette = Good

Brioche french toast – served with fresh berries, grilled banana, creme fraiche and drizzled with a copious amount of maple syrup (making the entire dish intensely sweet) = Not bad

The Somerset burger – wagyu beef patty (cooked medium), English cheddar, lettuce, tomato, ketchup and aioli, all in a toasted brioche bun served with crunchy thick fries = Not bad

Drugstore’s full prescription – a general big breakfast dish comprising two poached eggs, bacon, grilled tomato, roast mushrooms, smoked chorizo and wilted spinach = Not bad



The service at this place was great. Our waiters were fun and goofy but also quick and attentive. The food on the other hand was fairly average while the coffee was disappointing (ie. served weak and lukewarm). Also note that the menu is now smaller than it used to be and that they no longer serve the Mr Miyagi burger (which was listed in the Herald Sun’s top 25 burgers of Melbourne at the end of 2012).


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