30b Bray St, South Yarra 9826 2370



Semolina crepe


Lamb ribs


Chicken wings




Seafood tagine


Vegetable tagine


Freekeh salad


Cous cous salad


Semolina crepe – lentils, squash, green chilli = Not bad

Lamb ribs – tender fall-off-the-bone lamb ribs served with amlou (honey, hazelnut, argan oil) = Good

Chicken wings – crispy chicken wings served with a nutty pistachio curd and sweet pomegranate = Not bad

B’stilla – duck and chicken pie with almond and saffron, sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar. An unusual mix of savoury and sweet. The pastry was delicious, but I would have liked the pie better had there been more meat and less almonds = Not bad

Seafood tagine – spinach, mussels, fish, octopus and prawns = Not bad

Vegetable tagine – figs, goat’s curd, pumpkin seed granola = Good

Freekeh salad – chewy nutty freekeh, apple, walnut, cress and lime = Not bad

Cous cous salad – cous cous, pumpkin, charmoula, coriander and preserved citrus = Not bad



Laid back atmosphere, good service, small serving sizes (the large plates are not particularly large). I had high expectations for this place as it was ‘The Age Good Food Under $30’ award winner for 2014. However I found the food to be underwhelming and not something that I would get a craving for.


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