Sauced Pasta Bar

148 Chapel Street, Windsor 1300 728 233



Mafaldine Amatriciana


 Fried ravioli & Oven roasted desiree potato gnocchi with The 4 P’s sauce


Mafaldine Amatriciana – perfectly cooked pasta with a somewhat flat sauce that comprised of cold smoked pancetta, napoli, spring onion and chilli = Not bad

Fried ravioli – sweet potato, sautéed leek and ricotta ravioli served with napoli sauce. The ravioli itself was crispy, thick and tough to bite through, while the filling was so bland that I had to check the menu a few times to remind myself what I was actually eating = Bad

Gnocchi with The 4 P’s sauce – the pumpkin puree, pine nuts, persian fetta and basil pesto combination was terrific and the gnocchi was deliciously soft and light = Good


Building your own pasta dish is a great concept. Pick a sauce, pick a pasta, and if you want to, add on a side. The atmosphere was lively as the kitchen was situated right at the front of the place and was in full view of everyone. Service was a little bit slow but since the pasta was cooked so well, I am willing to forgive them for that. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the disposable dishes that they use here, but at least they are recyclable.

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