Big Mama

466 Swanston St, Melbourne 9347 2656



Spicy Chicken Bento Box

Korean style marinated chicken served with rice and side dishes

= ★★


Seafood Pa Jun (Korean seafood pancake)

Soft pancake with crispy edges, filled with a generous amount of seafood

= ★★★


 Cream Garlic Prawn and Kimchi Fried Rice

This should have been called Cream Garlic Seafood as there was more squid and clams rather than prawns. The creamy seafood was terrific in any case, and went very well with the mildly spicy kimchi fried rice.

= ★★★



Wok tossed Japanese udon noodles with beef and vegetables

= ★★


A great place to go to for a quick, tasty, decently priced Korean/Japanese meal. No wonder Big Mama is so popular among university students.

Note that this place is closed on Sundays and is cash only.

Big Mama on Urbanspoon

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