Hotel Windsor

111 Spring St, Melbourne 9633 6004



Afternoon Tea


 Seven Fairies (Glorious Blooming Tea)


When I found out that they were going to increase their afternoon tea prices as of November 1st 2013, I thought to myself that now was a good time to go and try this place out. The service was professional, the atmosphere relaxed and the decor classy and elegant. The afternoon tea food however was rather ordinary, with nothing in particular standing out.


The sandwiches included:

  • smoked salmon, creamy avocado, dill
  • chicken, apple, mayonnaise
  • egg, mayonnaise, snow pea sprouts
  • virginia ham, dijon mustard
  • cucumber, sour cream

These unfortunately tasted like they had been sitting in the fridge for a while = Not bad

The pastries included:

  • lemon meringue pie
  • mille feuille
  • sacher torte
  • lamington eclairs
  • caramel eclair

The lemon meringue pie was yummy, I found the pastry of the mille feuille and eclairs to be quite tough, and the sachet torte was exceptionally rich = Not bad



Traditional and sultana scones that are baked daily, served with jam and double cream. These scones were warm, buttery and slightly crumbly = Good


Seven Fairies Tea:

I find blooming teas (or flowering teas) really fun to watch. They are essentially a bundle of dried tea leaves wrapped around one or more flowers into a tight ball. When this is steeped, the leaves and flowers unfurl in a process that mimics a flower blooming, with the tea leaves forming the petals and the flowers inside unfolding as the centrepiece. With the combination of green tea leaves and fragrant young jasmine flowers, this tea tasted clean and refreshing = Good


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Le Bon Continental Cake Shop

93 Acland St, St Kilda 9534 2515


Vanilla slice


Boysenberry, pistachio and almond tart


Vanilla slice – alternating layers of flaky puff pastry and smooth custard, dusted with powdered sugar. Wasn’t overly sweet = Good

Boysenberry, pistachio and almond tart – dense syrupy tart = Not bad


You can’t help but slow down and ogle at the huge assortment of desserts that they have on display here. However once you actually step into the shop, the magic and the excitement that you feel while looking through the window is lost. The place felt cold, was too brightly lit and was so quiet that you feel almost uncomfortable having a conversation in there. The waitress who served us was pleasant enough while the owner sat at the table behind us and read from his newspaper the entire time we were there.  So if you really want to try any of their desserts, best to get it as a take away.

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