Soups and Stews


Carinish Rd, Clayton (near the corner of Clayton Rd) 9543 4276



Steamed dumplings


Seafood and kimchi pancake


Spicy corn noodles


Half fried chicken/Half ganjang chicken


Steamed dumplings – healthy tasting mince and vegetable filled dumplings served with soy sauce = Not bad

Seafood and kimchi pancake – not enough seafood, not enough kimchi = Not bad

Spicy corn noodles – chewy corn noodles with vegetables (carrot, cucumber, cabbage, bean sprouts, seaweed), sliced apples, and half an egg, served cold with a spicy sauce = Not bad

Half fried chicken/Half ganjang chicken – the fried chicken is original Korean style fried chicken, while the ganjang is soy and garlic sauce fried chicken. Both were delightfully crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with the ganjang chicken having a delicious sweet flavour to it = Excellent



This small casual place has the usual Korean menu (eg. sizzling BBQs, clay pot soups) but the stand out item for me was definitely their fantastic fried chicken!


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