Gourmet Girl

21 Salisbury Ave, Blackburn 9894 8417



Country Style Breakfast


Norwegian Breakfast


Waffles with strawberries, ice cream and chocolate drizzle


Country Style Breakfast – The egg and bacon frittata was too heavy on the bacon for my liking = Not bad

Norwegian Breakfast – Hearty and filling = Not bad

Waffles –  Bit on the doughy side in the middle = Not bad

Chai Latte – Perfect mix of sweet, spicy and creamy = Excellent

Hot Chocolate – Rich and creamy = Excellent


A comfortable place located on a quiet street that is great for catching up with friends, especially on a nice day as there is ample outdoor seating. Service can sometimes be a bit slow (as they seem understaffed) but the staff are friendly. Portions are generous and this is one of the few breakfast places where you can actually reserve a table!

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