Yami Yami

1d Bank St, Box Hill 9890 4588




Agedashi Tofu


Seafood Pajeon (Korean style seafood pancake)


Creamed garlic prawns with kimchi fried rice


Kimchi Jjigae (Spicy stew with kimchi, pork and tofu)


Agedashi tofu – Warm silky tofu encased in a crisp batter with sweet tsuyu sauce = Excellent

Seafood pancake – perfect for those who like their pancakes on the crispy side, a bit bland so the dipping sauce is needed = Good

Creamed garlic prawns with kimchi fried rice – Amazing! Creamy fried rice that has just the right amount of spiciness in it to give it a tasty kick! = Excellent

Kimchi Jjigae – Spicy and full of flavour = Excellent



I have been to this place numerous times and have yet to experience any bad service (which seems to be the main complaint for most of the Urbanspoon reviews of this place) Maybe I just got lucky? Who knows? What I do know for certain is that the food here is delicious, and that I will definitely be returning.


Yami Yami on Urbanspoon

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