Dried Bibimbap

Who knew such a thing existed? (Koreans probably) Designed to be super convenient as all you need to do is add water (hot or cold).


Once you open the pack and take out the flavouring sachets and plastic spoon, this is what you’ll see:


Add enough water so that it reaches the marked line inside the package. Close the zipper and wait 10 minutes if you use hot water, 40 minutes if you use cold water. It should then look like this:Image

Add the flavouring, give the whole thing a mix and voila!




  • Quantity wise, a pack isn’t quite enough for a meal but it is certainly enough for a filling snack.
  • Although the majority of what you get is rice (with the odd morsel or two of vegetable), the taste of bibimbap is definitely there.
  • For something that has been freeze dried, this is actually quite good!


    1. I bought this from a Korean grocery shop in Box Hill, but I reckon you can find them at Asian shops too because I’ve seen them in Springvale 🙂 And there is definitely a vegetarian one available!

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