Vanilla Cakes and Lounge

17-21 Eaton Mall, Oakleigh 9568 3358



Thick Chips


Spanakopita (Greek spinach pie with feta)


Brioche french toast with maple syrup and stewed pears






Bougatsa (custard)


Portokalopita (Orange phyllo cake)




Thick chips – When they say ‘thick’, they really mean THICK! = Not bad

Spanakopita – Ideal for a light meal = Good

Brioche french toast – It’s hard to go wrong with brioche. What did surprise me though was how fantastic the stewed pears were; not overly sweet with a bit of a crunch = Good

Moussaka – Generous serving that has a thick béchamel sauce layer along with layers of eggplant, potato and beef mince = Excellent

 Pastitsio – Found the beef and pasta a bit dry = Not bad

Bougatsa – Oh so scrumptious! Crispy phyllo pastry wrapped around warm tantalising custard, dusted with powdered sugar and cinnamon = Excellent

Portokalopita – Firm yet quite moist, syrupy sweet with a distinct citrus taste = Not bad


There is a huge food menu on offer (including a breakfast menu), but I recommend that you try the Greek dishes as a lot of their other dishes are rather average. As for the abundant desserts, I love how there is a mixture of standard ones along with traditional Greek ones. The atmosphere is considerably noisy, and the service at times can be slow if you go during peak periods. Nevertheless this is a terrific place to go for grabbing coffee and/or dessert. Especially late at night on a weekday as they open until 1am 7 days a week!

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