Albert St Food and Wine

382 Sydney Rd, Brunswick 8354 6600



Crisp pork cheek, scallop, quince, pickled cucumber


Foie gras parfait, toasted brioche, peach & ginger chutney


Chicken, truffle butter, jerusalem artichoke puree


Yellow Fin tuna, white ratatouille, green olive & almond pistou


Valrhona chocolate tart, ‘Poire Belle Hélène’


Meyer Lemon Tart


Pork cheek and scallop – the pork was melt-in-your-mouth delicious while the scallop was well cooked but didn’t quite stand out. The serving size of this dish was quite small = Good

Foie gras parfait – large serving size of standard parfait and okay brioche = Not bad

Chicken – one of the specials, tender chicken that was very well flavoured = Good

Yellow fin tuna – I was a bit disappointed with this dish. The tuna was bland while the ratatouille and pistou were uninspiring = Not bad

Chocolate tart – the sweet Poire Belle Hélène (poached pear) and the not overly creamy vanilla bean ice cream were the perfect accompaniments to the intense chocolate tart = Good

Lemon tart – Highly delectable with an amazing balance between sweet and sour = Excellent


The real reason why I came here was for Phillipa Sibley’s lemon tart, and my high expectations of it were definitely fulfilled. Everything else I sampled was good but not amazing . Thus I say come to this place for the dessert.

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