Carnegie Korean BBQ


What’s better than Korean BBQ? The answer is all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ!


Pork Belly, Mushroom, Onion, Sweet Potato


Pasta Salad, Bean Sprouts, Kimchi, Fish Cake




Beef Bibimbap


Soy Bean Soup


Green Tea and Black Sesame Ice Cream


There are 2 all-you-can-eat options: the Standard Buffet ($31.90) and the Gourmet Buffet ($35.50). For a few dollars more the Gourmet Buffet offered a greater selection of meats, soups and dessert, so we ended up opting for this. We initially wanted to try all the different meats however this turned out to be impossible as there was simply too much food! The meats that we did manage to try included the LA Beef Ribs, Beef Brisket, Marinated Beef, Diced Beef, Non Spicy Chicken, Pork Belly, and Spicy Pork. The only meat that did not take our fancy was the Diced Beef as it was super tough and extremely difficult to chew. The staff were friendly however unlike some other Korean BBQ places, they don’t help out with any of the barbequing (which was fine with us). In any case, the all-you-can-eat options here are perfect for all you carnivores out there.

Carnegie Korean BBQ

Shop 2, 23 Koornang Rd, Carnegie, VIC

(03) 9563 6608

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Cafe Carpenter

742 Waverley Rd, Malvern East 9939 4061




Japanese savoury pancake with special BBQ sauce, Japanese mayo and shaved bonito

= Not bad


Spicy Korean Chicken

Pan grilled chicken in a spicy marinade with cabbage

= Not bad



A not so typical combination of rice, fried egg, chilli paste, sesame oil, minced beef, garlic sprouts, bean sprouts, alfalfa and lotus root

= Not bad



Cute little place with friendly staff but extremely slow service. We were one of three tables and had to wait 45 minutes for our food, and even then one of our dishes was missing as they had forgotten to put the order through. The dishes we tried were quite ordinary and I doubt I would return here in the future.


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KF Cafe

374 Centre Rd, Bentleigh 9557 5694



Ice green tea latte


Kimchi pancake


Deep fried octopus balls


Pork with bulgogi sauce on a sizzling plate






Ice green tea latte – contained more milk and less green tea powder than previous ice green tea lattes that I have had but was still very yummy = Good

Kimchi pancake – a light eggy pancake that barely had any kimchi in it = Not bad

Deep fried octopus balls – came with a generous amount of dried bonito but did not actually contain much octopus in the balls themselves  = Not bad

Bulgogi pork – came with rice and miso soup. The pork was tender and bulgogi sauce had a great balance of salty and sweet = Good

Bibimbap – tender stir fry beef with a good variety of vegetables. They forgot to give us any chili pepper paste but were very apologetic when we asked for some = Good

Japchae – chewy sweet potato noodles served with sliced beef, onion, carrot, zucchini, eggplant, enoki mushrooms, chives and Korean soy sauce = Not bad



A tiny little restaurant that serves a mixture of Korean and Japanese food. The service is fast and friendly, while the decor is simple and a little bit strange (think little green footprints on the wall). My only gripe with this place is the portions of the food: too small!


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Hodori Korean Garden

1344 Centre Rd, Clayton 9562 7849


Spicy rice cakes


Kimchi pancake


Spicy kimchi hotpot with tofu and tuna


Mild beef stock soup with rice cakes and dumplings




Teriyaki chicken sizzling plate


Dolsot bibimbap


Side dishes


Spicy rice cakes – soft chewy rice cakes covered in a moderately chilli sauce = Not bad

Kimchi pancake – mildly spicy pancake that tasted almost pizza-like with the amount of capsicum that came on it = Not bad

Kimchi hotpot – regular kimchi soup that came with a decent amount of (canned) tuna = Not bad

Rice cake and dumpling soup – great for those who don’t like spicy soups, comes with a total of 3 dumplings (that contain indistinguishable meat) = Not bad

Japchae – a highly sweet dish that consists of chewy potato noodles, beef, capsicum, baby corn, onion, cloud ear fungus, spring onion and sesame seeds = Not bad

Teriyaki chicken – the excessively sweet teriyaki sauce is overwhelming = Not bad

Dolsot bibimbap – tasty combination of beef, egg, beansprouts, carrots, spring onions, onion, and dried seaweed = Good

Side dishes – pickled bean sprouts, kimchi, fish cakes, candied potato, chicken mayo salad and seasoned broccoli = Good


Typical Korean fare at a place that has fast service, decent servings and is good value for money. The main dining area is upstairs, although they do have some traditional floor seating tables downstairs. Now each table upstairs has a service bell which you press whenever you require a waiter’s attention. However this only works when the waiters are not busy so you may need to press it at regular intervals to remind them that you still waiting to be served. Note that this is a cash only place.

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Dried Bibimbap

Who knew such a thing existed? (Koreans probably) Designed to be super convenient as all you need to do is add water (hot or cold).


Once you open the pack and take out the flavouring sachets and plastic spoon, this is what you’ll see:


Add enough water so that it reaches the marked line inside the package. Close the zipper and wait 10 minutes if you use hot water, 40 minutes if you use cold water. It should then look like this:Image

Add the flavouring, give the whole thing a mix and voila!




  • Quantity wise, a pack isn’t quite enough for a meal but it is certainly enough for a filling snack.
  • Although the majority of what you get is rice (with the odd morsel or two of vegetable), the taste of bibimbap is definitely there.
  • For something that has been freeze dried, this is actually quite good!