Ping’s Dumpling Kitchen

330 Clayton Road, Clayton 9558 8831



Sticky rice and pork dumplings


Steamed shanghai pork mini buns (xiao long bao)


Boiled vegetable dumplings


Fried chicken and prawn dumplings


Boiled peking pork dumplings


Dan-Dan noodles with spicy pork sauce


Spring onion pancake


Fried chives cake


Shanghai fried noodles


Sticky rice and pork dumplings – bland! = Not bad

Steamed shanghai pork mini buns – these would have been better if the dumpling skin had been thinner and if they contained more pork juice/soup = Not bad

Boiled vegetable dumplings – we could not figure out what vegetables were packed into these dumplings, so all I can say was that the insides of these were green and that it tasted healthy = Not bad

Fried chicken and prawn dumplings – my favourite dumplings from this place! An enticingly juicy chicken and prawn filling wrapped in crisp dumpling skin = Excellent

Boiled peking pork dumplings – tasty pork filling encased in soft dumpling skin = Good

Dan-Dan noodles with spicy pork sauce – spicy and delicious! = Good

Spring onion pancake – a rather small and thin pancake that was oily and salty = Not bad

Fried chives cake – thick fried pastry that was packed full of chives = Not bad

Shanghai fried noodles – oily thick noodles that had a touch of sweetness to it = Good



Whenever I get a craving for dumplings, this is my go-to place. The service is ultra speedy, and the food is always consistent and is great value for money. Note that this is a cash only place.


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Hodori Korean Garden

1344 Centre Rd, Clayton 9562 7849


Spicy rice cakes


Kimchi pancake


Spicy kimchi hotpot with tofu and tuna


Mild beef stock soup with rice cakes and dumplings




Teriyaki chicken sizzling plate


Dolsot bibimbap


Side dishes


Spicy rice cakes – soft chewy rice cakes covered in a moderately chilli sauce = Not bad

Kimchi pancake – mildly spicy pancake that tasted almost pizza-like with the amount of capsicum that came on it = Not bad

Kimchi hotpot – regular kimchi soup that came with a decent amount of (canned) tuna = Not bad

Rice cake and dumpling soup – great for those who don’t like spicy soups, comes with a total of 3 dumplings (that contain indistinguishable meat) = Not bad

Japchae – a highly sweet dish that consists of chewy potato noodles, beef, capsicum, baby corn, onion, cloud ear fungus, spring onion and sesame seeds = Not bad

Teriyaki chicken – the excessively sweet teriyaki sauce is overwhelming = Not bad

Dolsot bibimbap – tasty combination of beef, egg, beansprouts, carrots, spring onions, onion, and dried seaweed = Good

Side dishes – pickled bean sprouts, kimchi, fish cakes, candied potato, chicken mayo salad and seasoned broccoli = Good


Typical Korean fare at a place that has fast service, decent servings and is good value for money. The main dining area is upstairs, although they do have some traditional floor seating tables downstairs. Now each table upstairs has a service bell which you press whenever you require a waiter’s attention. However this only works when the waiters are not busy so you may need to press it at regular intervals to remind them that you still waiting to be served. Note that this is a cash only place.

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Simon’s Peking Duck Restaurant

197b Middleborough Rd, Box Hill South 9898 5944


Duck skin with pancakes, spring onion, cucumber and special plum sauce


Stir fried duck meat with hand made noodles


Duck bone soup with bean curd


Pancakes – delicate paper thin pancakes, nice crispy duck skin, not so fresh cucumber and spring onion, sweet plum sauce = Not bad

Noodles – hand made noodles stir fried with chinese mushroom, bamboo and duck meat. The only problem was that there was hardly any duck meat! = Not bad

Soup – sweet clear broth with a very strong aroma of star anise = Not bad



I was a bit disappointed actually. From the way everyone had raved on about this place, I expected the duck to be utterly amazing. It wasn’t. The food was rather average, as was the atmosphere (chaotic at times) and the service (they definitely need more wait staff). On a side note, there are two dinner sessions to choose from: 6pm and 8pm. Make sure to book as this place is always busy.


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