Two Birds One Stone

12 Claremont Street, South Yarra 9827 1228



Two birds – eggs on toast with mushroom, spinach, heirloom tomatoes, haloumi, avocado, house made sausage and bacon



Black Angus steak sandwich with bacon, beetroot chutney, horseradish cream, rocket and cheese



Corn fritters with house smoked salmon, avocado and snow pea tendrils



House smoked salmon omelette with beetroot relish, goats cheese and chervil on toast



Two birds – a typical big breakfast dish = Not bad

Steak sandwich – the sweet beetroot chutney combined with the tangy horseradish made this a satisfying steak sandwich even though the steak was slightly overcooked = Not bad

Corn fritters – somewhat dry but the snow pea tendrils gave the fritters a fresh and unusual taste = Not bad

Salmon omelette – the omelette itself was nice however the toast that it came on was really thin and dry  = Not bad



Good atmosphere, average service and so-so food. Probably not a place that I would be rushing to go back to.


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