Tutto Bene

Shop M28 Southgate Plaza, Southbank 9696 3334



Bread and olive oil


Slider of the day


Zucca risotto


Anatra risotto


Bread and olive oil – Tutto Bene’s very own brand of award winning olive oil is simply marvellous! Robust and fruity, the olive oil here is definitely something special and is even available for purchase = Excellent

Slider – crumbed scallops with celeriac and truffle = Good

Zucca – roasted butternut pumpkin, sage, crushed toasted walnuts and Taleggio. The sweetness of the pumpkin combined with the aromatic Taleggio cheese and the addition of walnuts for added crunch made this dish very enjoyable = Excellent

Anatra – organic duck, porcini mushroom and sage. Whenever I have risotto anywhere, I somehow always compare it to this one. With generous amounts of succulent duck, this simple dish is mouthwateringly delicious. My only concern is that it has become saltier these days than how it used to be (I must remember to tell them to add less salt next time), but I still love this dish anyway = Excellent



The translation of Tutto Bene in Italian is “everything’s good” and it is a very fitting name for this restaurant. The food here is fantastic, particularly their risottos which are one of their house specialities. Be sure to also try their terrific in-house produced gelati (note that flavours vary from season to season). The service here is generally excellent, while the dark elegant decor and amazing views of the Melbourne city skyline provide a wonderful dining atmosphere.


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