Afghan Pamir Restaurant

195 Lonsdale St, Dandenong 9792 0197





Meatball kofta


Salad, dips, naan bread


Afghani rice


Borani banjan


Chicken and lamb skewers


Mantu – soggy tasteless dumplings that were served drowning in yogurt = Bad

Meatball kofta – spiced lamb meatballs served in a mild tomato and pea sauce = Not bad

Salad, dips, naan bread – simple salad, undistinguished dips, hard (almost stale) bread = Bad

Afghani rice – long grained rice blended with bright strands of carrot, barberries and spices = Not bad

Borani banjan – oily fried eggplant topped with cooked tomatoes and an abundance of yogurt = Not bad

Chicken and lamb skewers – tender pieces of smoky meat = Not bad



We were completely blown away by the magnificent decor; hand crafted solid wood furniture, marble table tops (albeit covered by a layer of plastic), and stunning pieces of Afghan artwork. It would have been a wonderful dining atmosphere except for the fact that this place was completely empty when we arrived, and would practically remain so for the remainder of the evening. The food at this place is rather pricey in comparison to other Afghan restaurants in the area, and we ended up opting for the $35 banquet which enabled us to try a bit of everything from their menu. Unfortunately the food did not impress me as much as the decor did, and I would most likely not venture here again.


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One comment

  1. I’m completely blown away by your review of this restaurant.
    My partner and I have eaten at 6 different Afghan restaurants in the area and Afghan Pamir shines.
    Pamir is more expensive than the cheaper take-aways but comparatively priced or cheaper than the other dine-in restaurants we’ve been to in Dandenong.
    The quality of food at Pamir is noticeably better than Afghan Salang, Tasty Afghan, Sahar Takeaway, Balkh Bakery and Kabul Roundabout Takeaway.

    The bread has never been dry, it’s always been very fresh. The bread is not quite as good as the Afghan bread at Sahar takeaway, but still very good.
    The kebabs have great flavour and some of the most tender meat we’ve ever eaten anywhere.
    The Afghan Rice tastes great, and the barberries are a very nice touch compared with every other restaurant serving it with sultanas.
    The mantu is better than two other restaurants we’ve tried it at (Afghan Salang and Tasty Afghan).

    Maybe you were just unlucky, my partner and I as well as other friends have eaten there quite a lot of times over the last 3 years and have never had a bad experience.

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