Shams Restaurant

202 Thomas St, Dandenong 9793 1115



Chicken kebabs


Charcoal chicken




Chicken kebabs – succulent tender pieces of deliciously marinated chicken that was full of flavour = Excellent

Charcoal chicken – somewhat dry and overcooked = Not bad

Mantu – mince dumplings served with lentils and yogurt. Slightly undercooked wonton wrappers were used for this dish making parts of the dumplings quite chewy = Not bad



Menu options were limited, service was average and the table that we sat on was rather dirty and stayed dirty the entire time we were there. Regardless of that, I would still come back here for the chicken kebabs. Only next time I’d get it as a takeaway.


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One comment

  1. That sounds like a typical Afghan eating house lol, restaurant is really too fancy for what they are. As soon as I saw the plates they were serving on I had a chuckle. Lucky Afghans by and large do great skewers!

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