Cheesey Bites


Cheesy Bites

(baby spinach, mushroom, capsicum, pineapple, chicken, chilli flakes, sweet chilli sauce, mozzarella cheese with creme fraiche base)


Super Supreme

(beef, salami, mushroom, capsicum, onion, pineapple, mozzarella cheese, oregano)


Garlic Prawn

(baby spinach, tomatoes, garlic sauce, prawns, mozzarella cheese with creme fraiche base)


Chicken Kebab

(chicken wrapped in pita bread with salad and garlic sauce)



(pasta layers with bolognese sauce)


One of the simple joys in life is having food delivered to your doorstep. It’s fast, it’s easy, and you get to stay in your pyjamas! So I was delighted when I was approached by EatNow to try out their services. In case you have never heard of EatNow, it is one of Australia’s leading online food delivery services and operates in over 4,400 restaurants Australia-wide. Here’s how it works:

  • Head to the EatNow website
  • Enter your suburb or postcode
  • Choose from a list of restaurants who are a part of your local EatNow community
  • Order your meal from the online menu
  • Decide when you would like your meal delivered, including the time you would like it to arrive. (You can also choose to pickup your meal in person)
  • Checkout and pay.
  • You will then receive instant SMS confirmation as to when your order will be ready

Easy as that!

Now let’s talk about Cheesey Bites. Firstly the staff here were very considerate as they called me early on to let me know that my delivery was going to be about 10 minutes late. The delivery guy was friendly and the food arrived hot. The pizzas were a little bit soggy but had adequate amounts of topping on each and tasted fine. The chicken kebab on the other hand was extremely soggy, while the lasagna came with a lot of mysterious liquid floating on top of it. Although the food here is great value, I think I’d rather try someplace else the next time.

Cheesey Bites

135 Springvale Rd, Springvale

9558 4144

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Persian Flavours Takeaway & Eat In

338 Springvale Rd, Forest Hill 9878 3087


‘Dough’ yogurt drink

A traditional Persian drink comprising of yogurt, water, mint, black pepper and salt.

The predominant taste of this unfamiliar drink was yogurt and salt. In fact when it comes to quenching your thirst, this drink does the complete opposite. Nevertheless it is a good accompaniment for spicy dishes.

= ★★


Zereshk Polow

Rice with sweet barberries and smoky fried onions

= ★★


Plain naan, Maast-mose (yogurt with cucumber and garlic flavour), Mixed kebab (combination of chicken kebab, lamb tikka and lamb koobideh)

= ★★


Garlic naan, Chicken masti (chicken marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic, spices), Cheese naan

= ★★


Butter chicken curry (charcoal chicken cooked with onion, garlic, cashew nuts, cream in gravy and butter sauce),

Mixed veggies curry (mixed vegies with cashew nut cream and gravy sauce),

Beef massala (beef cooked with onion, garlic, yogurt, cream, sultana and tomato sauce)

Each curry was light and well seasoned however we found the butter chicken and the mixed veggies curry to be exceedingly sweet.

= ★★


I really wanted to like this place but the food simply did not excite me. I couldn’t help but compare the curries we had to the rich Indian curries that I’ve had in the past, and the rice and kebabs we sampled to those that I’ve had at Afghan places. Perhaps Persian/Iranian cuisine isn’t for me. Service was quick and the decor was simple. A nice experience but not a place I see myself returning to.
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Shams Restaurant

202 Thomas St, Dandenong 9793 1115



Chicken kebabs


Charcoal chicken




Chicken kebabs – succulent tender pieces of deliciously marinated chicken that was full of flavour = Excellent

Charcoal chicken – somewhat dry and overcooked = Not bad

Mantu – mince dumplings served with lentils and yogurt. Slightly undercooked wonton wrappers were used for this dish making parts of the dumplings quite chewy = Not bad



Menu options were limited, service was average and the table that we sat on was rather dirty and stayed dirty the entire time we were there. Regardless of that, I would still come back here for the chicken kebabs. Only next time I’d get it as a takeaway.


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Afghan Salang Restaurant

343 Lonsdale St Dandenong, 8774 6778







Afghan bread and salad


Burani bonjon


 Mosh palow


Chicken korma




Bolani – thin traditional flatbread layered with pumpkin or potato, capsicum, onion, coriander, garlic and herbs, served with a garlic infused yogurt dip. The potato bolani was good but the pumpkin one was even better! = Excellent

Kebabs – tender pieces of deliciously smoky charcoal cooked chicken and lamb, served with a fresh chunky dip made from parsley, coriander, jalapeños, 5 types of capsicum, celery and vinegar = Good

Afghan bread and salad – comes with the kebabs. The afghan bread is plentiful and freshly baked while the salad is just a regular salad = Not bad

Burani bonjon – golden fried eggplant topped with garlic yogurt and spice = Good

Mosh palow – brown rice and beans. Recommended by our waiter, this dish was very tasty = Good

Chicken korma – not as heavy as an Indian chicken korma, this chicken stew was filled with a interesting blend of spices = Not bad

Jalebi – deep fried dough soaked in sugar syrup = Not bad



The food is freshly made and is actually quite healthy as they do not use coconut milk, cream or cooking wine. Service is friendly and attentive while the atmosphere was dim and average.


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