Afghan Salang Restaurant

343 Lonsdale St Dandenong, 8774 6778







Afghan bread and salad


Burani bonjon


 Mosh palow


Chicken korma




Bolani – thin traditional flatbread layered with pumpkin or potato, capsicum, onion, coriander, garlic and herbs, served with a garlic infused yogurt dip. The potato bolani was good but the pumpkin one was even better! = Excellent

Kebabs – tender pieces of deliciously smoky charcoal cooked chicken and lamb, served with a fresh chunky dip made from parsley, coriander, jalapeños, 5 types of capsicum, celery and vinegar = Good

Afghan bread and salad – comes with the kebabs. The afghan bread is plentiful and freshly baked while the salad is just a regular salad = Not bad

Burani bonjon – golden fried eggplant topped with garlic yogurt and spice = Good

Mosh palow – brown rice and beans. Recommended by our waiter, this dish was very tasty = Good

Chicken korma – not as heavy as an Indian chicken korma, this chicken stew was filled with a interesting blend of spices = Not bad

Jalebi – deep fried dough soaked in sugar syrup = Not bad



The food is freshly made and is actually quite healthy as they do not use coconut milk, cream or cooking wine. Service is friendly and attentive while the atmosphere was dim and average.


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