Mork Chocolate Brew House


Peanut Brittle Brownie Ball

Tremendously rich and decadent, with a fudge-like centre and a sweet crunchy exterior.



Original Dark Hot Chocolate (70% cacao)

Quality cocoa powder, thin slightly powdery drink.


Layered Chocolate (chilled chocolate, warm orange zest and vanilla bean custard)

The chilled chocolate tasted like regular chocolate milk however the custard was simply amazing. Not only was it delicious but it was also light and airy which meant that it was able to sit on top of the chocolate layer. We were told not to mix the chocolate and custard together but to drink it as it was, allowing the chocolate to carry through the custard with each sip.



Expect to find quality chocolate drinks and rich desserts at this popular little place. We were told that the wait for a table was 40 minutes so decided to get takeaways instead (because who in their right mind would wait that long for a hot chocolate?) We were told that the Chocolate Soda, A Chocolate Bar and the Campfire Chocolate were not available as takeaways which was a shame because I really wanted to try the Campfire Chocolate as it is served with actual smoke. Service was friendly however due to the limited seating and pricey menu items, I won’t be in a rush to come back here any time soon. I’d rather buy some Mörk chocolate powder and enjoy it at home.

Mork Chocolate Brew House

150 Errol St, North Melbourne, VIC

(03) 9328 1386

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