Aromatic, noticeably milky.



Almond and cornflake crispy chicken with red cabbage slaw, coriander, lime, corn and tomato salsa on a brioche bun

Talk about a good burger! The chicken was satisfyingly crunchy and the slaw was delicious. Plus it was decently sized and very filling. I can totally picture myself ordering this again.



Pulled pork benedict with poached eggs, cider vinegar hollandaise, apple and spinach

Everything was tasty except for the hollandaise sauce. It was more like a butter sauce. It was so overpoweringly buttery that I had to scrape it all to one side in order to taste the rest of the dish.



Previously known as Dukes Coffee Roasters, Journeyman was renamed in 2014 to separate the cafe from their coffee roasting business. The menu as well as the decor have pretty much remained the same, and service was efficient. So give this place a go if you are after great coffee and/or a great chicken burger.


169 Chapel St, Windsor

9521 4884

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  1. I’m an Australian living in Sai Gon, Viet Nam and I think I’m just hurting myself looking at your blog posts.

    I love my adopted home, but I haven’t had a decent flat white coffee in a year.

    Anyway – glad you enjoyed your meal.

    1. Haha no I can’t imagine Sai Gon having an abundance of great baristas. In any case I hope you are enjoying all the weird and wonderful foods there (I don’t think I could ever be as brave as you and try duck fetus) and that you stay safe while crossing all those crazy streets. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

      1. Eggs are just the surface of the crazy; to date braised Rat (which is really tasty) is probably the strangest thing I’ve eaten… or maybe cow udder (which is really not tasty). There have been lots of organs and insects.

        That would probably be a good topic – “the weird stuff I have eaten, a retrospective”

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