Dukes Coffee Roasters

169 Chapel St, Windsor 9521 4884


House cured ocean trout, heirloom beetroot, goats feta, poached egg, german rye


Avocado hummus toast, poached eggs, honey candied bacon and dukkah


House cured ocean trout – ordinary trout, perfectly poached eggs, white/golden/red beetroot and slivers of apple added a nice sweetness, the german rye was extremely tough and chewy = Not bad

Avocado hummus toast – the avocado hummus spread and the honey candied bacon were delicious. However the toast itself was rock hard and impossible to cut! = Not bad


I think my expectations for this place were just set too high. After hearing about how great this place was, I was left a little disappointed. The service was average, the food nothing extraordinary and the decor dark and offbeat.

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