25 Market Lane, Melbourne 9650 0848



Pickled fish and vegetables

Intensely sour

= Not bad


Savoury Egg Custard

Marvellously silky steamed egg custard with chicken, prawn, mushroom and edamame

= Excellent



The tempura batter was delicately light, crunchy and subtly seasoned. My only gripe with this dish was the enormous piece of broccoli that was served. Don’t get me wrong, I love broccoli. It’s just a little difficult to eat when it’s the size of my hand.

= Good


Signature Deep Fried Dish

The left portion comprised of a tantalisingly tender scallop that was wrapped with understated crab meat and deep fried, while the right portion comprised of deep fried egg and mushroom.

= Good



Extremely fresh and delicious with each piece having that amazing melt in your mouth texture.

= Excellent



 Fresh and tasty but the wasabi was a bit too heavy for my liking.

= Good


Wagyu Steak and Miso Soup

Not sure if this is the norm, but this steak happened to be cooked medium-well and some of the pieces were extremely tough and sinewy. The sauce was lovely and aromatic, however the quiche that was served alongside was quite cheesy and did not complement the steak whatsoever. A strange combination.

= Not bad


Mixed Steamed Rice

Lacklustre fried rice that comprised of chicken, vegetables and mushroom.

= Not bad


Green tea ice cream

Weak green tea flavour, dense and had ice chunks in it.

= Not bad



This place offers tasty yet affordable lunch sets that start from only $24.80. The cheap lunch sets must be very popular as by 1pm we were told that the two cheapest sets had already been sold out. But that didn’t faze me as I wanted to get a slightly more expensive Shoya Special Lunch Set anyway. I ended up getting the Matsu Set and substituted the crab dish with tempura. Most of the dishes came out at a nice even pace so that as soon as we had finished one dish, the next one would promptly arrive. Service was good and the atmosphere was chic and sophisticated. We witnessed one of the chefs preparing Shoya’s famous sashimi ice domes. They looked spectacular but I think you can only get them as part of the $180 dinner degustation menu. I think I’ll just stick to coming here for lunch.


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  1. Hey Janet,
    The food looks amazing! I’ve had lunch at Shira Nui and was quite impressed but Shoya looks like they do a top-notch lunch! I was just wondering when you wrote about the Matsu Set for lunch (I’m planning on going and getting the same thing!) I went on the website it doesn’t mention a crab dish (which you said you substituted for tempura)?? On the Shoya website it says that the set comes with: Sashimi, Sushi, Signature Deep Fried Dish, Wagyu Steak, Savory Egg Custard, Mixed Steamed Rice, Miso Soup, Dessert.
    You seem to have got both the tempura and the signature deep fried dish! Is there some error with their website menu or do they just really like you? 😉 Haha! Was the menu you got different? Anyway, can’t wait to go to Shoya and try this out for myself!


    1. Hi Karen,

      So I went in June and it was the Signature Deep Fried Dish that had the crab in it. My friends ordered it so I took a photo of their dish, whereas I had the tempura 😀 Hopefully the menu is still the same. The lunch deals are definitely amazing. Hope you enjoy!!


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