Dulce de leche

Smith and Daughters


Non Alcoholic Cocktails

(No Way Rosé, Coco No Vod-co with Watermelon, Coco No Vod-co with Pineapple, Chill Niño)

Each were deliciously refreshing!



Nachos Cargados

(slow cooked jackfruit carnitas, chipotle salsa, molten spicy cheddar sauce, pickled jalapeños, guacamole, coriander cream, blue and white corn chips)

Nearly every table around us had a plate of these nachos so we knew straight away that we had to order some. The blue corn chips turned out to be a lot crispier than the regular ones, while the jackfruit carnitas provided a nice meaty texture. This was good for vegan nachos but I couldn’t help but think how much better this could have been with cheese!




(spiced black bean and cheese quesadilla served with chipotle salsa and avocado cream)

Delicious quesadilla served with AMAZING avocado cream!



Champiñones Al Ajillo

(button mushrooms simmered in a creamy Spanish sauce of Pedro Ximenéz, garlic and smoked paprika, served with toasted bread)

This flavoursome dish was wonderfully rich yet light, making these mushrooms very addictive.



Dulce De Leche Doughnuts

(Spanish doughnuts filled with dulce de leche cream)

The dulce de leche cream didn’t exactly fill these sugar dusted doughnuts but rather sat on top of them.



What a fantastic vibe this place has! The dark stone walls, vintage prints and tattooed staff gave this place a definite punk rock feel. Service was friendly and the food pretty tasty considering that everything here is vegan.

Smith and Daughters

Smith and Daughters

175 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC

(03) 9939 3293


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Punch Lane


House smoked tuna, goats curd, pickled fennel, mustard seeds

This entree was originally served on a different plate and our waiter divided up the contents, hence the careless presentation. The creamy goats curd, sharp fennel and spicy mustard seeds were perfect accompaniments for the wonderfully smoky tuna.



Roasted quail, almond cream, grape bath, vine leaf, red grapes

Crispy tender quail with extremely sweet grapes.



Roast baby snapper, cauliflower, capers



John Dee Black Angus scotch fillet, roasted shallots, harissa and watercress

The harissa was quite mild and did not overpower the tender scotch fillet



Peanut butter parfait, dulce de leche, peanut brittle

The parfait itself was delicious but remarkably rich. Sharing this dessert would be a good idea.



‘A bit of a mess’: strawberry sorbet, frangipane, custard, meringue, Antico Rosso jelly



I first ventured here almost a year ago and I remember being truly impressed with the food. Thus I decided to once again order the five course menu however this time I left feeling disappointed. The food was good but not outstanding (like my previous visit) and the portions served were TINY. (The tuna and quail each took all but three small bites to finish). In fact we ended up having a second dinner someplace else that night. I understand that fancy places tend to have smaller portions and I wouldn’t be grumbling so much had the dishes been more superlative. Perhaps things will be different with the next menu change. On a positive note the service was wonderful and the atmosphere was lively. I really do hope that Punch Lane was just having an off night with their food.

Punch Lane

43 Little Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC

(03) 9639 4944


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Spring St Grocer

157 Spring St, Melbourne 9639 0335




When you see a crowd lining up for gelati on a FREEZING cold WEEKDAY night, you just know the gelati is going to be something special. The gelati flavours on offer are forever changing, but what remains the same is that they are always intriguing and unique. The ones we tried were:

  • Turmeric, Cardamom and pistachio
  • Salty caramel and chocolate
  • Banana and Dulce de leche
  • Goat’s curd, pear and walnuts
  • Yogurt elderberry
  • Pandan, coconut and lime

The one I enjoyed the most was the Pandan, coconut and lime as it tasted refreshing and tropical, and the flavours complemented each other really well. My least favourite was the Turmeric, Cardamom and pistachio flavour as I found the cardamom taste to be too overpowering. Even so, it was still pretty good.

I can’t wait to go back to this place on a hot summer’s day.


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San Telmo

14 Meyers Place, Melbourne 9650 5525



Beef, egg and olive Empanada


Humita (Polenta, corn and basil chips) with chipotle mayonnaise


Ceviche – Peruvian style lemon cured white fish with chilli, sweet potato and onion


Mejilla de Cerdo: Braised Berkshire pork jowl ‘cheek’ with crackling


Bife de lomo: Riverina black angus eye fillet (150 day grain fed)


Hinojo: Fennel, chicory and orange salad with malbec vinaigrette


Flan: Dulce de leche crème caramel with salted peanut praline



Beef, egg and olive Empanada – really good Traditional Argentine fried pastry. Note that the portion size is tiny so you may not want to share this and have one all to yourself = Good

Humita – Dense chips that have a interesting flavour, great chipotle mayonnaise  = Good

Ceviche – fresh raw fish that had a sharp and spicy taste = Good

Mejilla de Cerdo – marvellous melt-in-your pork (as most of it was fat) with super crunchy crackling = Good

Bife de lomo –  a tender, juicy cut of beef that had a nice smokey flavour to it = Good

Hinojo – we originally did not want to get a salad but became persuaded by our waiter who insisted that we needed something to accompany our steak. It was an okay salad, light and citrusy = Not bad

Flan – Heavenly! Rich crème caramel, crunchy salted peanut praline with a huge dollop of caramelised dulce de leche = Excellent



A bustling place that serves exciting Argentine food that is designed for sharing. Be sure to try one of their steaks so that you can experience the unique smokey flavour that comes from their authentic parrilla (Argentine charcoal grill). The decor here was definitely bovine inspired: cowhide and leather everywhere! Service was quite good, with our waiter being highly knowledgeable of all the dishes on offer.


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Acland St Cantina

2 Acland St, St Kilda 9536 1175



Salted caramel ice cream churros tacos


Triple chocolate & chilli trifle with passionfruit


Churros tacos – I initially thought that this was going to be a mix between a churro and a taco but it turned out to be churros dough that had been piped out into a round flat shape. As it turned out the combination of warm cinnamon churros, cold salted caramel ice cream and crunchy praline, drizzled with dulce de leche sauce was just terrific = Excellent

Trifle – comprised of a passionfruit jelly-like layer, a chocolate mousse layer, a more dense chocolate layer, a scoop of some sort of sorbet (i couldn’t tell what is was because my tastebuds were overwhelmed by all of the chocolate!) and shaved white chocolate on top. There was no taste of chilli at all though. Maybe they forgot to add it? Nonetheless, a rich creation that I would recommend for any chocolate lover =  Good



I have walked past this place so many times never realising that there was a restaurant here. So we were given the choice of either dining in the brightly coloured retro front area or the dark modern candle lit back area. We decided on the back area as that was where the crowd was at, including the DJ who was happily doing his thing in a dim corner. Service was good but the noise level here was considerably loud so this is not the place to go to for a quiet catch up. Dessert wise, this place was absolutely delectable.


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