Miam Miam Restaurant

Chadstone Shopping Centre, 1341 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone 9569 4499
Iced matcha latte with matcha softee
Peanut butter and banana milkshake
Lobster bisque pasta
Mac and cheese
Famous French toast
Vanilla souffle
Iced matcha latte with matcha softee – milky green tea latte that contained lots of ice, topped with a swirl of green tea soft serve = Not bad
Peanut butter and banana milkshake – thick, sweet, had small chunks of peanut added to it which gave the milkshake an interesting crunch = Not bad
Lobster bisque pasta – the soup base tasted purely of prawns (I did not detect any lobster), the pasta was well cooked and the dish was topped with parmesan cheese and a grilled tiger prawn = Not bad
Mac and cheese – strong cheese aroma, had a nice crunchy top from the Japanese breadcrumbs = Good
Famous French toast – thick slices of delicious classic French toast served with a dollop of cream and a small jar of maple syrup on the side (which is fabulous because it lets you control how sweet you want your dish to be) = Excellent
Vanilla souffle – reminiscent of Asian sponge cake, this souffle was light yet a little bit wet and distinctively eggy. I also managed to taste a bit of salt with every second or third bite = Not bad
This French-Japanese restaurant is one of those places that has such an intriguing menu that it makes choosing what you want quite a difficult task. The atmosphere is very casual and the decor somehow reminded me of a country farm house (red bricks, wood chip walls, white window shutters, simple wooden tables and chairs). The service was friendly however the arrival of our food was very staggered. Hopefully that won’t be the case the next time I dine here (as there are still other dishes that I want to try).

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HD Cafe Bar and Grille

19 Royton Street, Burwood East 9886 8258


Filet mignon


Chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream


Filet mignon – chargrilled eye fillet (that was cooked precisely as desired) served with scallops, king prawns, buttery mashed potato, steamed vegetables and a cream sauce. I was actually surprised at how good this dish was = Good

Soufflé – well cooked with lots of solid chocolate bits in it. Not sure if this was intentional or not, but it gave the dessert an extra chocolate kick = Not bad



A little hidden restaurant just off Burwood Highway that serves an array of different dishes (Greek, Italian, Modern Australian). It is a family owned place with the husband as the chef, the wife front of house and serving, and the kids serving/milling around. The service was good but I’m not sure if it would have been the same if it had been a busy evening. Atmosphere was not so great, the place just didn’t feel very comfortable to me. Having said that, I would probably come back here again as the food was considerably tasty.


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