Miso soup

Ponshu Kiroro



(stir fried edamame with garlic and red chilli)

Spicy, salty, garlicky deliciousness covered each and every edamame bean! I found these to be very addictive.



Parfait Lunch Set

(marinated salmon sushi parfait, chunky miso soup, wasabi dressing)

Fresh, tasty, and well presented.



Spicy Miso Ramen

(spicy Hokkaido miso ramen with kurobuta pork, boiled egg, cabbage, onion, bean sprouts, spring onion and sesame)

The thin broth reminded me of kimchi soup. The pork was quite tasty and the pieces of cabbage came in really big chunks.



A bright charming place that offers delicious Hokkaido fusion cuisine, as well as a lovely range of Japanese beverages. This hidden gem is well worth visiting for their interesting dishes and their friendly service.

Ponshu Kiroro

9 Katherine Place, Melbourne, VIC

(03) 8657 8553


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Happy 4 10


Tempura Udon




(deep fried vegetable dumplings with seasonal salad)



Stir Fried Spicy Pork Set

(stir fried spicy pork, rice, miso soup, kyoza)



Grilled Salmon Set

(grilled salmon with chef special teriyaki sauce dressing, rice, miso soup, kyoza)



Bibimbap Set

(mixed fresh salmon and cooked prawn, flying fish roe with special chilli sauce, rice, miso soup, kyoza)



A good variety of Japanese and Korean fare at a place that has fast service and a playful atmosphere. A gorgeous mural and K-pop playing on a big screen can be found in the front courtyard, while many hanging baubles can be found all over the place within the inside dining area (a bit of an odd decorating choice). The food was decent and each table had a handy buzzer that could be pressed whenever you required a waiter’s attention.

Happy 4 10

82 Sheridan St, Cairns, QLD

4041 2502

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FOF Rotary Hotpot

481 Victoria St, Abbotsford 9023 6672



Although this wasn’t my first rotary hot pot experience (my first being in Thailand), I still found the colourful plates of food gliding around the room captivating. FOF Rotary Hotpot is the first of its kind in Melbourne and is currently offering all-you-can-eat for $28.80. How this place works is that each person has their own pot directly in front of them. The first step is to choose a soup to cook all your hot pot ingredients in. The soups available include Nutrition soup (plain clear soup with Chinese mushroom and goji berries), Miso soup, Tom Yum soup and Chinese Spicy soup (be warned, this soup is VERY spicy). The next step is to grab whatever meat/fish/vegetable/noodle dish that takes your fancy and cook it in your soup. Once you’ve finished eating, grab more food and repeat.


An extensive hot pot menu was also given to us so that we could order items that weren’t coming around often enough or those that didn’t seem to be coming around at all (eg. quail eggs).


A large selection of prepackaged condiments were available to have with our hot pot. (I can’t believe that people feel the need to add extra MSG to their already MSG enhanced food)


The hot items available were either extremely dry or extremely oily. Don’t waste your stomach space on these items.


 The sushi was unexceptional and had been sitting in the fridge for a while before being served.


A fun experience (especially for those who have never tried hot pot or rotary hot pot before), a large variety of food (except for dessert as there was only coconut tapioca pudding) and quick friendly service (empty plates were promptly taken away and there was always someone around offering to refill our soup).


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Shira Nui

247 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley 9886 7755



Sashimi Lunch Special




Momoyaki Chicken


Sashimi Lunch Special – Fantastic value for money! For less than $20 you get kobachi, chawanmushi (egg custard), tsukemono (pickled veggies), miso soup, salad, rice and a LOTS of tasty fresh sashimi (apart from the sashimi that comes on the side of the salad, there was more hiding in the actual salad itself!) = Good

Katsudon – Average, portion seemed a bit small for me = Not bad

Momoyaki Chicken – A very sweet pan fried chicken dish that comes with pickles, miso soup, rice and salad = Good


A nice little japanese restaurant that has good quality of food and service. The lunch menu is a lot more cheaper than the dinner menu, but either way a booking is a must as this place is quite small and very popular.

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