Base Camp Northcote


Onion Bhaji

Crispy fried onion rings served with sweet tamarind chutney



Butter Chicken

Tandoori roasted chicken tikka cooked in a rich tomato butter cream sauce



Cheese and Garlic Naan

We couldn’t decide whether to get the cheese naan or the garlic naan, so our waitress suggested that we get both. It was a great choice as this naan was simply soft and delicious!



Baigan Aur Mirchi Ka Salaan

Eggplant and capsicum in a slightly piquant sesame, tomato and coconut sauce



Pilau Rice

Fragrant and delectable



The food here was certainly impressive and the portions were good, while the service was prompt and the atmosphere casual.  This place is one of the better Indian restaurants that I have been to in a while, and undoubtedly worth a visit.

Base Camp Northcote

102 High St, Northcote, VIC

(03) 9482 1168


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Breslin Bar & Grill

3 Southbank Boulevard, Southbank 9686 2110



Pork Ribs (half rack)

Fantastic melt in your mouth ribs covered in a sweet sticky sauce



Wagyu Beef Burger with Twice cooked thick cut chips

(wagyu beef, Swiss cheese, caramelised onion, truffle mayonnaise, tomato, baby cos lettuce)

= ★★


 Chorizo Croquettes

= ★★


A friend of mine mentioned how great the ribs are at Breslin Bar & Grill and thankfully I was not disappointed. The ribs here are slow cooked for 16 hours and are then char grilled over a wood fire. A must try for those who are a fan of ribs. Ambience was great and the service was prompt.


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Shizuku Ramen

309 Victoria Street, Abbotsford 9995 8180



Ramen Burger


Ramen Burger – tightly packed ramen noodle “patty” buns with candied pork belly, salad, plum and prune sauce, and kewpie mayonnaise. I had been looking forward to trying out this burger for a while but was left slightly disappointed after taking my first bite. I somehow felt cheated. I wasn’t getting a great burger and I wasn’t getting a great noodle dish either. Although the pork belly was sweet and tender, there were only two small pieces which meant that halfway through the burger I was left with only noodle buns and salad. As for the noodles themselves, they were quite soft which made the burger difficult to keep intact. It got very messy and towards the end I had to set down my burger and use a pair of chopsticks = Not bad


The novelty of a Ramen burger was what attracted me to this place. I found the burger to be something different but not something that I would ever crave. Perhaps I would have liked the Eggplant Ramen burger more (which I wanted to try but they had ran out of eggplant by early lunchtime). The service was ordinary and the decor here was strikingly dark (black walls, black ceiling, dark furniture).

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Bistro Goemon

281 Glen Huntly Rd, Elsternwick 9523 9900



Frozen umeshu (plum wine)


Sweet corn kara-age


Spicy pork salad




Seared scallops with mountain vegetables


Assorted sashimi


Sweet corn kara-age – lightly fried sweetcorn, sprinkled with seaweed salt. As the corn had been fried, it was chewy instead of juicy = Not bad

Spicy pork salad – sliced pork mixed with shredded vegetables and a Japanese chili soy dressing. A light refreshing salad = Good

Satsuma-age – fried fish cakes mixed with edamame and octopus = Not bad

Scallops – tasty scallops that were lightly seared and nicely flavoured with Japanese seven spice = Good

Assorted sashimi – chef’s choice of 10 pieces of fresh sashimi, served with an assortment of seaweed = Good



Good service, a comfortable atmosphere, quality Japanese fusion (which comes as no surprise as the the owner and head chef of this place used to work at Nobu and Akachochin)


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Bar Bosh

Knox Ozone, Knox City Shopping Centre, 509 Burwood Highway, Wantirna South 9887 5611


Potato wedges with sweet chilli, sour cream, harissa mayo


Sweet potato, zucchini and herb cakes with harissa yoghurt


Turkish pizza with spiced chicken, bacon, guacamole, spring onion and sour cream



Wedges – AMAZING! Crunchy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, well seasoned (I suspect with lots of msg as I was super thirsty afterwards). Also have to mention that the harissa mayo that came with it is very tasty = Excellent

Sweet potato, zucchini and herb cakes – average deep fried cakes that had its taste overpowered by the spicy harissa mayo = Not bad

Turkish pizza – good if you’re craving meat as they pack it on with this particular pizza = Not bad



Go for the wedges! I have been here quite a few times and the wedges are always fantastic. I would also recommend the warm turkish bread with red capsicum dip. But apart from that, this is just another average restaurant.


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