Oree Korean Duck Restaurant


Duck and Beef Set


Bean paste, Salt and Pepper in Oil, Bean Powder, Chili Paste


200g Fresh Duck

As soon as the duck cools it becomes tough and chewy, so it’s best eaten straight off the grill.



100g Angus Beef Rib



Beef gal-bi



One of the most unique Korean barbecue experiences I’ve had due to their specialisation in duck. (In fact this is Australia’s first Korean duck barbecue restaurant) The set menus were reasonably priced while service was very attentive. A good option for those who feel like Korean barbecue, but don’t feel like red meat.

Oree Korean Duck Restaurant

179 Queen St, Melbourne, VIC

(03) 9642 1270


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Happy 4 10


Tempura Udon




(deep fried vegetable dumplings with seasonal salad)



Stir Fried Spicy Pork Set

(stir fried spicy pork, rice, miso soup, kyoza)



Grilled Salmon Set

(grilled salmon with chef special teriyaki sauce dressing, rice, miso soup, kyoza)



Bibimbap Set

(mixed fresh salmon and cooked prawn, flying fish roe with special chilli sauce, rice, miso soup, kyoza)



A good variety of Japanese and Korean fare at a place that has fast service and a playful atmosphere. A gorgeous mural and K-pop playing on a big screen can be found in the front courtyard, while many hanging baubles can be found all over the place within the inside dining area (a bit of an odd decorating choice). The food was decent and each table had a handy buzzer that could be pressed whenever you required a waiter’s attention.

Happy 4 10

82 Sheridan St, Cairns, QLD

4041 2502

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NeNe Chicken


Are you a fan of Korean Fried Chicken? If the answer is yes then you have to try NeNe Chicken! The name “NeNe” translates to “Yes! Yes!” in Korean, and this store first opened in 1999 in South Korea. Since then they have expanded to over 1000 outlets in South Korea, and have recently opened their first Australian store in Melbourne Central. Being a huge fan of Korean Fried Chicken, I was thrilled when NeNe Chicken finally opened.


Original Fried Chicken

You can’t go past the original. And the Korean mustard gave each bite some tasty edge.



Oriental Green Onion

Original chicken designed to be eaten with fresh crunchy green onion and soy/wasabi sauce.



Snowing Vegetable

Don’t be fooled by the name, this was definitely fried chicken and it was seriously good. The powdery coating was mildly sweet and almost tasted like corn.




Sweet, spicy, and very addictive.



Freaking Hot

Adequately named, this one is not for the faint-hearted! You have been warned!



NeNe Chicken offers a variety of crunchy, juicy fried chicken coated in a mouth watering selection of secret recipe sauces. All of their fried chicken is served with coleslaw and radish, and I love the fact that they offer disposable gloves so that you can enjoy your fried chicken with your hands, minus the mess. Unfortunately there is very limited seating at the Melbourne Central store so I am looking forward to the opening of the dine in venues at Box Hill and High Point. So the next time you are in the mood for fast quality Korean Fried Chicken, you know where to go.


NeNe Chicken

Melbourne Central, Level 1, Corner of Swanston Street and La Trobe Street, Melbourne

9654 0772


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*Disclaimer: I dined as a guest of NeNe Chicken and Wasamedia Pty Ltd.



 How many places do you know have HAND WRITTEN menus? Respect.


Green Tea Rice Punch

A sweet punch with whole rice grains and a strong green tea flavour.



Kimchi Pancake

Everything a great kimchi pancake should be: crispy, smoky, spicy, flavoursome. Extra points for it being shaped into a star.



Corn Cheese

The added sugar made this too sweet for my liking.



Pork Ramen

Instant ramen noodles with a generous amount of tender pork and crispy vegetables. The broth was deliciously smoky and the aroma reminded me of a Chinese stir fry.



Original Fried Chicken and Oriental Chicken (honey, garlic and soy)

The original fried chicken lacked a bit of flavour but was so incredibly CRISPY. You could probably hear someone taking a bite of this chicken from the other side of the room! Whereas the Oriental Chicken was less crispy due to the sauce but was nicely flavoured.



Warm cosy interior, friendly service, satisfying Korean fare. Note that this place is closed on Mondays and that they are cash only.


45 Koornang Rd, Carnegie

9972 9197

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Bistro K


Spicy baby octopus and buckwheat noodles with chilli vinegrette

Incredibly tender octopus, terrific flavours.



Crispy chicken balls with Korean sweet chilli sauce

These were definitely crispy however the chicken was dry.



Smoked pork belly with cooked kimchi salad

Spicy kimchi + tantalizing pork belly = winning combination!



Premium Angus scotch fillet with roasted seasonal vegetables

The scotch fillet was small but tasty, while the vegetables needed seasoning.



Makgeoli (Korean rice beer) brulee

This dessert turned out to be ordinary creme brulee with Makgeoli flavoured sorbet on the side (instead of Makgeoli flavoured creme brulee, which was what I was expecting).



Hotteok (Korean sweet pancake with caramelised honey syrup) with ginger ice cream

This pancake was so deliciously fluffy and had an amazing caramelised honey filling. The ice cream was a wonderful accompaniment and had a subtle ginger aroma, while the crushed peanuts and sunflower seeds gave this dish some delightful crunch.



Sujeonggwa (sweet Korean cinnamon punch)

Sweet and refreshing with distinctive cinnamon notes.



We came here with a Cudo voucher and felt that we got such an amazing deal. I was so impressed with this place that I am already looking forward to my next visit! The food was great (not surprising seeing as former Nobu chef Jae Park heads the kitchen), the service faultless, and the atmosphere warm and simple. A must try for lovers of Korean food. Note that this place is closed on Mondays.


Bistro K

366 Smith St, Collingwood

9973 6055


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CJ Lunch Bar


Japchae (stir fried sweet potato noodles, vegetables and beef in soy sauce)



Bibimbab (steamed rice topped with sautéed vegetables, beef and special chilli sauce)



Fried chicken served with cabbage salad



Cheese chicken bulgogi (chicken bulgogi topped with cheese and spicy sauce)



Kimchijeon (pan fried kimchi with vegetables and special flour batter)



Dongaseu Don (deep fried marinated pork loin with rice)



Slightly cramped seating, efficient service, good portions, fantastic value. (eg. the Dongaseu Don was only $6!)

CJ Lunch Bar

Shop 2/391 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne

(03) 9602 1155

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Big Mama

466 Swanston St, Melbourne 9347 2656



Spicy Chicken Bento Box

Korean style marinated chicken served with rice and side dishes

= ★★


Seafood Pa Jun (Korean seafood pancake)

Soft pancake with crispy edges, filled with a generous amount of seafood

= ★★★


 Cream Garlic Prawn and Kimchi Fried Rice

This should have been called Cream Garlic Seafood as there was more squid and clams rather than prawns. The creamy seafood was terrific in any case, and went very well with the mildly spicy kimchi fried rice.

= ★★★



Wok tossed Japanese udon noodles with beef and vegetables

= ★★


A great place to go to for a quick, tasty, decently priced Korean/Japanese meal. No wonder Big Mama is so popular among university students.

Note that this place is closed on Sundays and is cash only.

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119 Hardware St, Melbourne 9973 8425



Korean Sliders

Sweet brioche bun served with short rib patties, Korean slaw, ssamjang mayo and crispy onion rings

= Excellent


Beef Taco

Marinated beef, tomato salsa, kimchi and Korean slaw

= Not bad


Kimchi Fries

Crispy fries topped with cheese, kimchi sauce, onion relish and sour cream

These fries were so addictive. Who knew Kimchi and fries went so well together?

= Good


Koba Fried Chicken Wings (Soy Garlic)

Not so crispy but well flavoured juicy chicken wings, with a sprinkling of quinoa for added texture

= Good


Spicy Pork Korrito

Sweet marinated pork, kimchi rice, melted cheese, tomato salsa and kimchi

= Good



Incredibly tasty Korean-Mexican fusion! Service was quick and the staff were very helpful and friendly. Note that there is limited seating here (as this place is tiny) so grabbing takeaway is a good idea.


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Cafe Carpenter

742 Waverley Rd, Malvern East 9939 4061




Japanese savoury pancake with special BBQ sauce, Japanese mayo and shaved bonito

= Not bad


Spicy Korean Chicken

Pan grilled chicken in a spicy marinade with cabbage

= Not bad



A not so typical combination of rice, fried egg, chilli paste, sesame oil, minced beef, garlic sprouts, bean sprouts, alfalfa and lotus root

= Not bad



Cute little place with friendly staff but extremely slow service. We were one of three tables and had to wait 45 minutes for our food, and even then one of our dishes was missing as they had forgotten to put the order through. The dishes we tried were quite ordinary and I doubt I would return here in the future.


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Kong BBQ


Smoked Brisket with Ssamjang and Kimchi Bun



Spicy Pork Belly with Pickled Cucumber and Kong Crazy Horse Chilli Bun



Korean Fried Wings with Honey, Garlic and Sesame

Super sticky, super sweet



BBQ Corn with Chilli Salt and Miso Butter



 Kong Bossam BBQ Tray – Pulled Chicken and Pork, Pork Belly and Beef Brisket, Pickled Kimchi, Walnut Ssamjang and Lettuce



Teriyaki Roast Ora King Salmon, Wok Fried Broccoli and Tomato Roti Roll



Pulled Pork with Slaw, Kimchi and Burnt Chilli Mayo Roti Roll



We came on a late Sunday afternoon (to avoid the queues) and were immediately seated. The place was bright and open with the kitchen being in plain view from the dining area, and the service was very efficient. The ‘Chin Chin’ cookbooks that were neatly lined up along one of the shelves remind you that Chris Lucas (the brains behind this place) is also the brains behind other restaurants such as Chin Chin on Flinders Lane and Baby pizzeria in Richmond.

The fusion of American, Korean and Japanese flavours create a very unique menu here at Kong BBQ. So if you are a fan of Asian fusion cuisine, this place is definitely for you.

Kong BBQ

599 Church St, Richmond, VIC

(03) 94271307


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